Coffee got a conscience – its name is Lavazza iTIERRA!


The famous italian coffee producer Lavazza launched their new product “iTIERRA!” coffee for the Lavazza BLUE and Espresso Point capsule system in 2006. It’s the latest result of the iTIERRA! – project that was started by Lavazza in coordination with the american NGO Rainforest alliance in 2004. In the whole production process of the iTIERRA! coffee product, from growing the beans to processing them, it is of utmost importance that natural ressources and involved parties are treated carefully and with respect – the basic thoughts of sustainable development.

Lavazza – a company with history and ideals

Coffee farmer in Honduras

Coffee farmer in Honduras

The italian coffee producing company Lavazza looks back on a long history. For 110 year now, the business is family-run and has stayed true to their original values: humanity, solidarity and safeguarding culture and environment for future generations. Lavazza was always commited to social services, even before the social responsibilities of companies towards their employees and to society in general got into the focus of interest in the late 90’s of the last century. For a coffee producing company it is even more important to be aware of its actions and their impact on the life of people. The reason: since the start of the coffee-crisis at the beginning of this century the labour conditions for the growers and workers in coffee-producing countries got even worse then they already were.

Lavazza’s reaction on these developments was to go public with

Sustainable thinking and acting for the future of the next generation

Sustainable thinking and acting for the future of the next generation

its involvement in social services and the top-managers decided to actually start a project on their own. That was the birth of the Lavazza iTIERRA! project. It started out as acooperation with the american NGO Rainforest alliance and VOLCAFE. The Rainforest alliance is working on ensuring biodiversity by the means of sustainable socio-economical development of the environment since 1986 and VOLCAFE is a big green coffee producer increasingly focusing on sustainable coffee production, now in business for more than 150 years. Two strong partners who played a significant role in the success of the project.

The iTIERRA!-project

Geographically the iTIERRA! initiative takes action in Honduras, Colombia and Peru where about 165 coffee growing farms are located. The goals are to improve the labour conditions of the workers and growers as well as the overall quality of the product and to safeguard the environment of that region. To achieve that evironmental, social and economical sustainable thinking and acting is necessary. The method to succeed is working hand in hand with the local population and coffee-growers. Together problems are solved in mutual agreement and positive changes are made. Changes that were made so far are the construction of a green coffee drying and processing plant, the construction respectively the renovation of homes, schools and clinics. These achievements, that were funded in a large part by the Lavazza company, led to the

The result of all the hard work - coffee beans for Lavazza TIERRA

The result of all the hard work - coffee beans for Lavazza TIERRA

official certification of the project farms by the Rainforest aliance in 2005.

As oficially stated by the Lavazza supply chain manager Mario Cerutti in 2006, Lavazza’s ultimate goal for the future is to give the local communities the know-how and technical assistance necessary to improve the quality of their coffee. This would make the coffee – growers competitive and by achieving a higher product quality they could also demand higher prices for their goods. It also leads to a high quality standard for the latest Lavazza product – the iTIERRA! coffee. It is a coffee blend of 100% washed Arabica coffee beans from the local communities that the iTIERRA! – project is supporting. The iTIERRA! coffee got a very aromatic and sweet flavor and a soft, thick crema. It is available at espresso bars and at various retailers in pods and in coffee capsules for the Lavazza BLUE and Espresso Point system. One of the retailers for the european/german market is

Drinking iTIERRA! coffee means also supporting the idea and morale of sustainable and just socio-economic development!
Enjoy freshly brewed aromatic espresso prepared with a Lavazza BLUE or Espresso Point coffee capsule with quiet conscience.

sources used in research for article:
Lavazza Editorial offices: Lavazza coffee special issue 110 years, Stamperia Artistica Nazionale – Turin, 2005, pages 32-35


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