Home made coffee with Lavazza coffee capsules

March 26, 2009

Last week I went to meet my friends at a nice Lavazza coffee bar where you can get a cup of  coffee that has an incredible taste. The menu is so long that you can find something special for every taste – hot, cold, Espresso, Cappuccino, Mocha, Frappe, Greek, Mexican, Maple, with flavor or without…We all ordered coffee we like and spend hours chatting and laughing, with a cup of this delicious coffee in our hands!

During this time I came with an unexpected idea! Why I cannot organize the same meeting in my flat? Why people go outside to a place full of unknown people when they can spend a nice evening with their friends or family in a cozy and own surroundings? It is much more comfortable, you can sit on a floor, shout, wear pyjamas. Yes, the problem is that you cannot make a good quality coffee at home! Especially if you have just a single capsules coffee machine. Or it is better to say that it was a problem!

After some time (to tell you the truth it took me a few days)  of investigation on the Internet I ordered  four hundreds capsules of various flavors from my favorite website www.NERONERO.eu and started to pretend to be one of the famous coffee makers. My friends were my best customers and my kitchen was the best Lavazza coffee bars. It was fun, joyful, interesting and tasty experience. Check some recipes on the Recipes page and try yourself!!!


Lavazza capsules for real coffee lovers

March 25, 2009

We all or almost all love coffee. The best thing what can happen to us every morning is to have a chance to smell and feel the aroma and fragrance of hot Lavazza Espresso coffee. It wakes us up, fills with energy, prepares for a long working day… But for many years these coffee lovers have been suffering through the measuring and filtering of their coffee that sometimes can take for “ages”. And after all the efforts and struggles you are never sure that you put right amount of coffee and heat water until the best temperature. Moreover, do not forget to clean a mess in your kitchen after the coffee making process!

Kitchen after coffee making process

But here comes a solution! Not so long ago Lavazza company presented Capsules coffee machines. It deals with all of the stress and the mess of coffee grounds, required amounts and filter tearing. From the first glance it is difficult to believe that these little, round, sealed capsules of coffee grounds that you place into your coffee machine is worth someone’s attention. Especially experienced coffee lover’s attention!!! I thought the same until I saw how it works a year ago in my friends house. He made me a cup of high quality Italian coffee without any efforts.  All you need to do is to put a single espresso coffee capsule in it, press the button and enjoy the unforgettable taste. What is more, you can choose the taste you like most. Depending on your preference you can drink coffee from Lavazza BLUE or Espresso Point coffee capsules. Just decide how many grams of espresso coffee you want to have in a cup! You start to love it, don’t you?

I do! Because I have found that this is a cleaner, less stressful, and simply more convenient way to make coffee. Every morning it saves me a few important minutes. And it saves time not only to make an espresso coffee but to buy the coffee capsules as well. There are many websites offering Lavazza coffee capsules online and even giving presents for doing that. You have just to choose the one you like! My favorite is www.NERONERO.eu that ships coffee capsules to all European countries and if you order four hundreds and more the company provides you with free shipping and Italian gifts. What can be better than fast, convenient and cheap purchase. You start to love it more, don’t you?

Not to talk much I can sum up that to put a Lavazza capsule into my coffee machine started to be a part of the ritual of making coffee.