* Pour the required amount of milk into a steel jug
* Open the steam knob and, using an empty jug, discharge any condensation until steam starts to emerge.
* Place the steam spout into the jug and emulsify the milk  until it is glossy and compact.
* When the milk reaches the desired temperature , close the steam knob and wipe the steam spout with a moist cloth.
* Pour the milk into a glass
* Place the glass with the foamed milk under the coffee spout of the Lavazza coffee machine.
*Make an espresso.



* Place the Amaretto crumbs in the bottom of a small glass
* Pour the hot chocolate over
* Pour the espresso over



* Place 2 teaspoons of sugar in the bottom of a small glass
* Add pieces of cinnamon stick and orange zest
* Pour the espresso over and stir
* Leave to rest for a few moments before enjoying the drink

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