Time to “style up” with Lavazza accessories

Lavazza stirring sticks

Lavazza stirring sticks

Creating a real coffeehouse atmosphere to enjoy Lavazza espresso best is not that difficult. Get yourself a Lavazza BLUE LB 800, some coffee capsules and a suitable Espresso cup and you can start!
But wait! That is not everything. To style up your coffeehouse at home and make it a real Lavazza BLUE coffee-bar some neat Lavazza accessories are necessary.

Stirring your Espresso to dissovle the sugar or mixing it with milk is most stylish if done with a
Lavazza espresso spoon or Lavazza stirring sticks.
But I would recommend the spoon to go easy on the environment 😉

Ooops! Spilled some coffee while stirring your drink? Use a Lavazza napkin from the napkin holder to wipe away the stains. Hoepfully you use Lavazza coasters to prevent your table from getting dirty in the first place.

Wanna go outside but not take your valuable Lavazza espresso cup with you?

Lavazza napkins
Lavazza napkins
Lavazza coasters
Lavazza coasters

Make it  Lavazza coffee to-go with the stylish Lavazza plastic cups!

All these fancy accessories are available on www.NERONERO.eu, your one-stop-retailer for all your Lavazza coffee capsule needs!!! Please also visit the present-section and you will find the espresso cup that suits your Lavazza coffee best:  genuine Lavazza espresso cups!!!

Attention: To order these accessories from NERONERO you need to place an order with at least 300 Lavazza BLUE or Lavazza Espresso Point capsules included!!!


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