See where Lavazza TIERRA comes from

July 31, 2009

The Rainforest Alliance is an organisation that offers certification of coffee-farms that put the ideals of sustainable

Picture froma RA-certified coffee farm

Picture from a RA-certified coffee farm

thinking into practice. If a farm fulfils the required conditions, the coffee products from that farm will be marked as officialy Rainforest Alliance certified. The Lavazza coffee TIERRA, available for the Lavazza BLUE and Lavazza Espresso Point coffee capsule systems, is a coffee blend that originates from several of those farms. They are all involved in the TIERRA project you should all be familiar with already, if not please read this article from the blog.

On the website of the Alliance you can now watch a nice video, taking you right to one of those certified coffee farms. See for yoursefl where Lavazza TIERRA comes from. Bon voyage!


Crunching some coffee numbers

July 28, 2009

While browsing the web I hit upon some very interesting figures, every serious coffee-fan should know 😉

  1. Coffee statistics show that coffee is the most popular beverage worldwide with over 400 billion cups consumed each year.
  2. Coffee industry statistics show that only 20% of harvested coffee beans are considered to be a premium bean of the highest quality.
  3. Coffee market statistics show that coffee is grown commercially in over 45 countries around the world.
  4. Coffee trade statistics show that over 5 million people in Brazil are employed by the coffee trade; most of those are involved with the cultivation and harvesting of more than 3 billion coffee plants.

Some rather impressive numbers, am I right? Well, I can assure that as far as Lavazza coffee is concerned, only coffee beans of the premium-part are used.
For further figures and statistics please visit the Top100Espresso-website!

Introducing: Lavazza BLUE on wikipedia

July 10, 2009

Dear coffee friends and Lavazza espresso lovers, I finally found a website featuring all information on Lavazza BLUE coffee capsules neatly arranged and in one place. Where? On wikipedia of course! The article must have been released in the last few weeks, because I was never able to find it before.

Picture from the Lavazza-retailer's show-room, featuring the Guzzini and LB 1000 machines

Picture from the Lavazza-retailer's show-room, featuring the Guzzini and LB 1000 machines

For the very first time the abbreviation of BLUE becomes explained:

  • B for Best
  • L for Lavazza
  • U for Ultimate
  • E for Espresso

I didn’t know that!
Furthermore, the most popular Lavazza BLUE machines are introduced. Now my dear blog-readers, you can decide which one you would like to own or simply admire the beauty of their designs.

Assortment of Lavazza BLUE coffee and tea capsules at the Laazza retailer's

Assortment of Lavazza BLUE coffee and tea capsules at the Laazza retailer's

The article not only features interesting information on the product range and the technique behind the capsule system, but also a couple of very nice pictures from the show-room of a Lavazza-retailer.

I picked the most beautiful pictures and show them to you in this blog post.
They feature two LB machine models and most of the available coffee and tea capsules for the Lavazza BLUE system.

Have fun browsing the article and have a nice weekend!!!

kind regards

The technical side of espresso…

July 3, 2009

Usually you would expect only the germans to be so dedicated to detail, to punctuality and the love for rules and bureaucracy. That is the reason why I was utterly surprised when I found regulations, which described the criterias an original Italian espresso has to fulfil, on an Italian website!

These regulations were published by the “Instituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano”, who else ;-)

The INEI logo

The INEI logo

I list these regulations an espresso has to fulfil for being called “original Italian espresso” here:

• Necessary portion of ground coffee 7 g ± 0,5
• Exit temperature of water from the unit 88°C ± 2°C
• Temperature of the drink in the cup 67°C ± 3°C
• Entry water pressure 9 bar ± 1
• Percolation time 25 seconds ± 2,5 seconds
• Viscosity at 45°C > 1,5 mPa s
• Total fat > 2 mg/ml
• Caffeine < 100 mg/cup
• Millilitres in the cup (including foam) 25 ml ± 2,5

Passes the test - Lavazza espresso

Passes the test - Lavazza espresso

Fortunately my Lavazza BLUE espresso, prepared with the Lavazza BLUE LB 800 complies with all of these regulations. Same can be said about espresso from Lavazza Espresso Point coffee capsules, prepared with the Lavazza Espresso Point EP 800.

And so I hope you all enjoy your Lavazza coffee a bit more now, knowing that it is “original Italian espresso” from Lavazza, Italy’s favourite coffee!