My machine

Dear coffee and espresso friends, today I am going to show you my very own coffe machine. To be more specific, it is a coffee capsule machine, with which you can also prepare tea capsules of course. The name of my machine-model is Lavazza BLUE 800! Got a nice ring to it, no? 🙂

Have a look at the technical details:

The Lavazza BLUE 800 in shining glory

The Lavazza BLUE 800 in shining glory

– Power supply: 230 V 50 Hz
– Nominal power: 860 W
– Material: painted steel
– Water tank capacity: 1200 cc
– Manual loading of the capsules
– Steam spout
– Size (wxhxd): cm 16x31x25 kg 4,5

With the LB 800 you can prepare Lavazza BLUE coffee and tea capsules, my favorite drinks! The Lavazza espresso is the only true original italian espresso in my opinion. The teas taste good as well, but I will always sty a cofeefanatic 😉

Please have a look at this youtube-video, to see the LB 800 in action!
You can also find that video in the video-section of my blog.


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