Home made coffee with Lavazza coffee capsules

March 26, 2009

Last week I went to meet my friends at a nice Lavazza coffee bar where you can get a cup of  coffee that has an incredible taste. The menu is so long that you can find something special for every taste – hot, cold, Espresso, Cappuccino, Mocha, Frappe, Greek, Mexican, Maple, with flavor or without…We all ordered coffee we like and spend hours chatting and laughing, with a cup of this delicious coffee in our hands!

During this time I came with an unexpected idea! Why I cannot organize the same meeting in my flat? Why people go outside to a place full of unknown people when they can spend a nice evening with their friends or family in a cozy and own surroundings? It is much more comfortable, you can sit on a floor, shout, wear pyjamas. Yes, the problem is that you cannot make a good quality coffee at home! Especially if you have just a single capsules coffee machine. Or it is better to say that it was a problem!

After some time (to tell you the truth it took me a few days)  of investigation on the Internet I ordered  four hundreds capsules of various flavors from my favorite website www.NERONERO.eu and started to pretend to be one of the famous coffee makers. My friends were my best customers and my kitchen was the best Lavazza coffee bars. It was fun, joyful, interesting and tasty experience. Check some recipes on the Recipes page and try yourself!!!