Talent is everythere! Even in a coffee cup

When we are kids we all dream about what we want to do when being grown ups. To save the world from aliens, sing the most famous pop song for a huge crowd, arrest bad guys, save millions lifes, reach the moon!.. These fantastic plans are in our heads until suddenly we start to think “logically” and realize that it is more easy to make business, work serious and regular jobs.

Maybe this is the reason why I am so proud of these who make something different, crazy, amazing. When I saw the following video on the internet the only thing I could utter was “this man is just amazing”! Sammy Lin is an artistic barista in New York, who serves about 700 lattes, espressos and cappuccino’s a day at Bottega Del Vino on East 59th Street. These aren’t ordinary drinks, for sure no – the former music teacher from China can design art work on your coffee foam such as a snowman, a blooming flower, an intricate leaf, a smiling face, a sleeping cat, or a mischievous monkey. He’s even designed a smiling Mona Lisa on a canvas of coffee foam – now that’s ambitious. I would call him a professional artist in the coffee world!

After watching these pictures designed in coffee cups I felt thirsty. Coffee brake? I went to make a cup of espresso from my favourite Lavazza BLUE Caffe Creama Dolce capsule that I order from www.neronero.eu and pressed a PLAY button again. Sammy Lin knows how to make people enjoy a cup of coffee, that’s for sure!  And there are many like him – doing things that make us astonished. That’s why we are never bored to live!


3 Responses to Talent is everythere! Even in a coffee cup

  1. ola says:

    he is making amazing things with coffee!!!

  2. ola says:

    wow, he is making amazing things with coffee!

  3. Jurga Ivanauskaitė says:

    That’s true, this is some kind of art. Temporary art, because it lasts only untill i drink my caffe latte.
    By the way, Ola, how are you?

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