5 traits of good Espresso – or the 5 Ms

Dear coffee-lovers, recently I stumbled upon an interesting sheet which contains the descriptions for the 5 traits or 5 Ms of coffee that are responsible for the quality an Espresso possesses. The main question is: Does my beloved Lavazza coffee from coffee capsules meet all of these 5 requirements and deserves to be called an Espresso of high quality?
Let’s find out 🙂

1. Miscela (Espresso Blend)
Naturally the most important criteria is the coffee beans itself, it determines the quality of the product in the first place! It should be fresh and of good quality. Let’s see, Lavazza coffee capsules are filled with finest ground coffee from 100% Arabica or Arabica/Robusta blends, originating from famous coffee-growing farms. The capsules are vacuum-packed and aromatically sealed and conserve the fresh state of recently ground coffee beans over months!
Critera 1 – fulfilled!

2. Macinadosatore (Grinder)
The technical specification of the grinders and the grind process itself are topic of Lavazza ‘s strict quality management policies. The ground coffee in the capsules is very fine and was grinded carefully to maintain the original flavor of the coffee beans. After grinding it was immediately packed and sealed into capsules, so there was little to no time for oxidation processes that would have a negative effect on the product-quality. With other words…
Critera 2 – fulfilled!

3. Macchina Espresso (Espresso Machine)
Now this is where the wheat is seperated from the chaff: If the brewing process is not carefully taken care of, even the ground coffee of highest quality will result in a murder case. For Lavazza capsules, these machines differ in many aspects from eacht other, but they all got one thing in common: they are specifically optimised to brew Espresso coffee with Lavazza capsules. Steaming hot water and high pressure are two of the many features these machines have, and may also be the most important for the quality of the coffee.
Criteria 3 – fulfilled!

4. Mano dell’operatore (Skill of the User)
Can the person brewing the Espresso handle the machine correctly? Well, for Lavazza coffe capsule machines, it doesn’t matter a lot. It is so easy to use, there’s no room for ANY mistakes. You should try it out for yourself one day 🙂 In the meantime, please watch this clip from youtube to understand what I mean:

Criteria 4 – fulfilled!

5. Manutenzione (Maintenance)
To clean the machine and the accessories used in the preparation of coffee should be common sense. Unfortunately the machines from Lavazza don’t clean themselves just yet, but who knows what the future holds 😉 So, this aspect is highly dependant on the individual user, but a we know that Lavazza coffee drinkers are all well-educated and have high demands in terms of quality and service they might also be capable of cleaning their machines.
Criteria 5 – fulfilled!

So, as you see my beloved coffee-fans, Lavazza coffee capsule systems like Lavazza BLUE or Lavazza Espresso Point deliever the pinnacle of good Espresso, by matching all 5 criteria for a coffee of superior quality!
Enjoy your weekend and your Lavazza!


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